Italian design and passion.
Carved in stone.

stone masonry since 1962
made in italy
Founded in 1961 by Giocondo Vrech, in 2008 Marmi Vrech underwent an important generational change from father to sons, Alessandro and Riccardo. Marmi Vrech works with dedication, skill and experience to get the most out of marble and other natural stones. Our team of highly skilled designers and stone masons soon established the company as market leader in providing beautiful interiors for luxury cruise liners.
Combining artisan skill with state of the art technology, the company has quickly expanded into other sectors. Today, our stunning marble and granite interiors can be found in luxury
hotels, spas, stores, office buildings and private homes around the world.
I saw the angel in the marble
and carved until I set him free.
– Michelangelo

Our strenghts

With almost 60 years’ experience in creating beautifully-designed stone interiors, we have learnt what matters most.

and experience

Every commission is assigned a project manager who works closely with the client and the technical team to ensure that each phase of the project is completed to the client’s full satisfaction.
speed and punctuality
and puntuality
We offer fast initial quotes and project commencement as well as guaranteed delivery and installation times.
planning and organization
Planning and
Each project phase is carefully planned to offer a complete service to our clients: from initial feasibility studies, selection of materials, installation and after-sales support.
problem-solving and creativity
and creativity
Careful planning right from the start and close collaboration with our clients means that our team of specialists are able to prevent technical issues from arising or guarantee their quick resolution.
technical advice
Technical advice
Big or small. Simple or complex. Every project begins with a technical consultation. In-depth feasibility studies ensure each project is successfully completed.
To complete a complex project you need to know how to complete even the most simple one. Success in mass production makes us even more able to carry out more original and complex works.
Our technical staff liaise closely with commissioning architects and interior designers throughout every phase of the project, to produce perfect results.
made to measure
Made to measure
Tailor-made solutions using the latest technology. Every project is different and
we listen carefully to our clients to bring their design ideas to life in marble and granite.
As highly-skilled stone masons with over 50 years’ experience, we take pride in ensuring even the smallest detail is nished to perfection while also adopting the latest technology to meet the changing needs of the market.
technology stones
A cutting edge workshop with the latest computer- aided technology and highly-experienced craftsmen allow us to perform all types of processing on all different natural stones, ceramics and artificial stone to ensure precise, perfect results.
We have always implemented measures to minimize our impact on the environment. We work in strict compliance with regulations regarding the disposal of sludge and other waste products from stone processing.
Our photovoltaic system, with solar panels installed on the roof of our plant, generates 119,000 kWh/year of electricity.

Our partners

We leave
no stone

We never turn down a project. When architects or designers bring us their ideas, we always do our best to bring their designs to life in stone.
With our technology, craftsmanship and experience we are able to take on even the most ambitious projects as well as creating pieces for mass production.


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