Our process
of stone manufacturing

Our daily challenge is to create and give life to an idea, a design, a project. Taking on this challenge with a vocation for high quality and an approach based on a continuous search for excellence requires tremendous commitment and services that are capable of ensuring integration between design, procurement, production and execution. 
Experience, organisation, creativity and punctuality are the strengths with which we approach every project, anywhere in the world, be it a cruise ship or a large luxury hotel, always with the same methodological rigour in terms of design and the flexibility required in the implementation stage, with complete respect for delivery times.


Our sales team and international network of promoters are the first point of contact for clients. We respond immediately to enquiries and are quick to prepare accurate quotations.

We respond immediately to enquiries and are quick to prepare accurate quotations.

Design consultancy

We assist and advise designers regarding the materials chosen, their suitability for the intended purpose, their sourcing and availability.

We provide samples and information regarding the technical characteristics, colour options and cost of materials, and can suggest potential alternatives.
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Design development

Our specialist technical team study each client brief to formulate personalized solutions including:
  • - pairing natural stone with other materials 
  • - custom designs (e.g. Marbubble)
  • - artistic processing
  • - mosaics
  • - rosettes
  • - inlays
marble design process

Project management

A single project manager supervises the various phases of each project right through to its completion.
In continuous contact with both the client and the site, and aided by dedicated software, the project manager responds in real time to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Sourcing and procurement

We source and procure all materials from national and international suppliers independently or accompany clients to quarries to select the right stone for their project.

Technical studies,
design finalization

Based on precision surveys using cutting edge instruments, our technicians work closely with the project manager to engineer and finalize the design in 2D or 3D and carry out any technical studies needed to ensure the perfect execution of the project.


Our high-tech facility and expert staff are able to handle all processing types. Every project and product, whether mass-produced using computer-aided manufacturing or unique artisan pieces, are treated with the same unwavering care and attention to detail.

Our technical partners


Packing and shipping

Shipments are always tracked. We take extreme care to ensure that all packaging complies with regulations in its country of destination and that even the most fragile contents are perfectly protected.


If needed, all pieces are subjected to a pre-installation dry run in our production facility as a final check before shipping. When strictly necessary, we pre-mount marble and mosaics on special lightweight panels to speed up and simplify installation on site.
Our specialist team of installers and mosaicists guarantee flawless installation even in the most challenging situations.


After sales

We have years of experience in researching and developing new products and technologies for the surface treatment of natural stone. On request, we offer post sales support for the cleaning and maintenance of our products.

We leave
no stone

We never turn down a project. When architects or designers bring us their ideas, we always do our best to bring their designs to life in stone.
With our technology, craftsmanship and experience we are able to take on even the most ambitious projects as well as creating pieces for mass production.

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