Stone 2.0 – the innovative platform for project management

Thanks to stone 2.0 your projects come to life in an instant

Stone 2.0 was created to respond to the need of managing a project within a single platform capable of facilitating the comparison between Designers, Project Managers, and technical departments.

Currently, it can also be used to manage materials approval with no need to travel for testing. It is indispensable for following up on all essential information for the project development.

There is the possibility to track the progress status from design to creation: starting with the selection of the materials to the development of technical drawings up to 3D rendering, allowing every single Designer to preserve the concept excellence.

All information is checked and managed by a Project Manager, the only contact person for the customer, who ensures that everything is taken over and implemented to achieve the required results.

Let’s go into more details and see how this innovative platform works.

Once all project referents have been defined, each one receives an automatic email with the request to enter the credentials to access Stone 2.0.

All projects under management are accessible within the platform.

You can also select the language (Italian, English, French, German) and authorize the receipt of emails regarding project updates.

For each project, various referents can view the project progress status, but only one of them can approve a specific step.

There are two main sections: PROJECT MATERIALS and PROJECT AREAS

Within the first main section, you can preview all the slabs used for the project and download them in high-definition photos to analyze each detail. Here the Designer can comment and express preferences on how to manage the surface of the slab, the next step is the approval that starts the production phases.

Within the project area, you will find all the items that need to be created. For each item, you can view the executive drawing in DWG with the associated slabs and the preview of the finished element in 3D NESTING & RENDER. With the help of the 3D model, it is possible to interact with zoom on details or view it at a 360 °.

All project referents can comment to suggest changes, additions or updates. Only after having passed all the approval phases do we proceed with the production and monitor delivery timings.


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