Marbubble by silvio d'ascia


Marbubble™ is the fusion between marble+bubble.
It is a creative patented design of a close and exciting collaboration with the architect Silvio D'Ascia. It is a patented fabrication of translucent marble slabs with hemispherical motifs carved in the mass.

This innovation in the façade cladding wants to renew with the legitimate role of marble and/or natural stone on the urban scene through a modern aesthetic. At the same time, it is in perfect harmony and continuity with the great european tradition of typical rustication of historic buildings in towns, castles, fortresses... this way we reach the perfect synthesis between materiality and urban historicity.

the concept

First of all, as a reference to regeneration, were taken into consideration the materials traditionally used - not to say post-modern - in a way to trigger the potential of a savoir-faire, both craftmanship and industrial, towards a more creative market and above all a market less depending on its motionless past.

Then, the prototype enables us to optimize and enhance the new technologies of chemical high-precision cutting that started to be used very recently only. 

The industrial development of Marbubble is currently in progress. It leads us to make modules with patterns in relief of different sizes, starting from a square of 600 x 600 mm with four hemispheres of a diameter of 200 mm. This can be run on different types of material, from translucent alabaster to marble and granite. In the studio: a backlight device of the "bubbles" in translucent marble, with electronic light in each hemisphere, enables the pixels to make a communicative façade that is able to convey messages or images.
marble design process
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about the designer

Silvio D'Ascia

Silvio D'Ascia

Silvio d'Ascia (Naples - 1969) lives and works in Paris since 1993. He founded his firm in 2001. His design work, deeply influenced by the italian humanist education, is characterized by a transversal approach of the various themes of architecture, urbanism and design while keeping in mind the history and the "genius loci", the spirit of the place, to create new urban forms in continuity with the culture of our civilization. Silvio d'Ascia's projects has been published by several magazines and presented in exhibitions like the Venice Biennale (2004 and 2006).


Stazione di Porta Susa, Torino
Porta del Parco, Bagnoli - Napoli
Stazione di Montesanto, Napoli
DDDPC, Shanghai - Cina

Project team

E.Seif  - A.Milano - S.Aureli


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