Latest-generation technology to improve our production

The best technology and the search for the most efficient working systems have always been the distinction marks of Marmi Vrech.

For the year 2018, the company will introduce in its working flow two very high standard systems: the Mach 200 Waterjet Solution by Flow and the Master 33.5 CNC Machining Centre by Intermac.

The Mach 200 is specifically engineered to deliver value, reliability and performance. The system is purposefully crafted to be a practical and flexible waterjet solution with capabilities reserved for elite waterjet systems.

Intermac Master 33.5 CNC machining centre for stone processing is the second important investment that Marmi Vrech has made. This working centre is made for miling, drilling, grinding, polishing and engraving. Its 5-axis head with endless rotation C axis and tilting A axis (from -90° to +90°) ensures excellent flexibility and makes possible even the execution of complex machining operations. Its revolutionary boring system, using one single tool for all the boring, grinding and countersinking operations, also widens the range of processing. Master 33.5 has also new rectangular suctions cups that guarantee the better vacuum retention compared to traditional suction cups.


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