Marmi Vrech: high standard teamwork

Marmi Vrech Strategic Meeting

Teamwork means the ability of working together in order to achieve high standard results. However, not always this is an easy task and each company has to identify its own way to stimulate cooperation and enthusiasm.

In this respect, Marmi Vrech has organised a very large meeting with all the staff working in the company. Thus, each department has presented all the current and future projects that are supposed to be completed in 2018 or in the two-year period 2018-2020.

Marmi Vrech Strategic Meeting

The panorama appeared to be very rich since, once collected together, the projects have shown to be very many and very challenging: they range from all the events dedicated to the Marmi Vrech Academy to the improvement of the marketing strategies, from the search of new technologies, materials and finishing to the optimization of space and time.

By listening to each other ideas and projects, all the Marmi Vrech staff felt definitely more involved in the company reality thus giving new energy and determination to all the company life.



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