New collection, suggested by nature. Marmi Vrech 2018

The essence of an incomparable beauty that belongs only to natural stone. Here is the new Collection of Marmi Vrech: a set of amazing textures and colors that takes your breath away.

The proposals are thirty-nine materials of marble, granite, travertine, onyx and soft quartzite. For floors, walls, inlays. And for elements of pure design and artist’s creations. There are all the colors: from the darkest, to the neutral, to the colorful. The only champion is a semi-precious stone, not surprisingly called Jewel, which excites with its sparkling points of light.

To tell you about these wonders, we have taken as a reference point three textures, all very particular: the lines, the clouded, the copper plated. Let yourself be moved.


Intimacy between the Lines

From the polychrome and rigorous line of the Elegant Brown quartzite or the marbles named Moena, Olympo and Betulla to that full of brio and energy of a marble that, not surprisingly, we wanted to call Youth.

Youth Marble

In the coverings of very large rooms, the rows give proportion to the room. In those small ones with not very high ceilings, the sensation of length increases. But there are also lines that, thanks to the neutral tones and a slightly wavy geometry, infuse a calm movement.

The almost hypnotic effect of Polar Wind marble, the harmony of the onyx Camel Dune or the rhythm of the Dublin marble is splendid. Very striking and very modern are the broken color bands of the Glacier or Nile onyxes, or the denser ones of the Babylonia marble.

Polar Wind Marble
For a classic balance, the white ocher lines on an iridescent beige background of Colosseum travertine are perfect (also available with darker shades in Kemet travertine). While for those who love special things, the broken lines of Weave marble, reddish white on black base, they evoke an irresistible attraction, almost as much as those of the Palio granite, which plays lightly on ocher gray tones and base in Sienna.

The soft quartzites are very nice as well, ideal for upholstery or design details in minimal furniture with patterns that recall wood and barks both as colors and textures. Here we have to highlight Corteccia, Silk and Sequoia Brown, the latter fascinating for its plays of light that emerge from the contrast between anthracite black and ivory.


Clouded. The sky in a room

The clouded indicates surfaces with darker or different chromatic areas, not delimited, that stand out against the background color.

Mystic Rose Marble
The energy of nature is released in all its creativity with exciting results as can also be seen in the quartzite that seems to be carved in Edelweiss ice: it ranges from the white / gray and brown ocher of the marbles (Count of Florence and Brilliant, to the earth of Siena by Bronze Amani) and the granites (Carnival, Taj Mahal) to the colors that turn on the yellow of the onyxes and may have light backgrounds (Pandora) or create contrasts lit with dark backgrounds (Futuna).

Shadow Land
Among the most unusual proposals, the bright red that stands out on the gray of the Mystic rose marble or the dark bordeaux with powdery blushes, highlighting the gray and white of the Barrique marble without forgetting the ‘geographical’ texture of the Bernese marble on black, white and ocher. For a touch of class alive and dynamic, unique is the proposal in soft quartzite Shadow land: almost a magmatic flow in shades of black, dark purple, white and gray, with rosy reverberations.


Veins. Contrast. Copper plated

Caravaggio Onyx
The copper plated is distinguished by the veins in strong contrast. The feeling that it communicates is of strong dynamism, almost of a continuous becoming. These stones are very impacting and are placed inside the room almost like a living creature.

There are chromatically very variegated stones with white veins, powder pink and plum gray on an emerald green background like the Amazzonite granite, or white veins that stand out against a magmatic background of various shades of brown as in the onyx Caravaggio. But there are also very uniform proposals such as the colors that play on the ‘tone on tone’ of green of Serenehill marble or on shades of yellow of Florence marble.

The New Saint Laurent marble is splendid. It looks like a tweed where the white veins contrast with a mottled black base with light white veins and carmine spots (see the Paris blue and sapphire version of Oceania marble). The only soft-quartzite of the group is Goblin, where the earthy veins turn harmoniously on the emerald green.


The jewel in semi-precious stone

Jewel is the spearhead of the collection and can truly be defined as a jewel.

Composed of an agglomeration of semi-precious stones, thanks to its intense bright points of light it manages to give a particular character to any type of furniture. Its texture is like a painting by Arcimboldo, where a detail makes you notice another, even smaller one, in a continuous change of image.

Used as a wall covering, it marries wonderfully also for inlays with other very technical materials such as steel and burnished iron.


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