Our team

At Marmi Vrech we know that the success of any project is dependent on the team of people involved and that is why we have always taken particular care in choosing the right people to work with us.
We think it is vitally important to invest in this most precious resource, providing all our workforce, be they technicians or managers, with ongoing professional training over time so that we are able to successfully complete even the most ambitious projects.
Alessandro Vrech
Alessandro Vrech
Riccardo Vrech
Riccardo Vrech
Matilde Ciolfi
Sales Office & Marketing
Cinzia Lando
Sales Office
Niria Moroso
General Affairs
Alessio Ferigo
Production Engineer
Elda Amatruda
Technical Department
Tiziana Pacco
Technical Department
Michele Vogrig
Michele Vogrig
Technical Department
Manuel Luisa
Technical Operator
Giuseppe Stellato
Project Manager
Stefano Galli
Project Manager
Alan Quaiattini
Project Manager
Davide Arca
Site Manager
Igor Del Ponte
Logistics Department
Joze Mrhar
Finishing Department
Jozef Tinta
Laboratory Supervisor

We leave
no stone

We never turn down a project. When architects or designers bring us their ideas, we always do our best to bring their designs to life in stone.
With our technology, craftsmanship and experience we are able to take on even the most ambitious projects as well as creating pieces for mass production.

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