MSC Divina

MSC Divina Cruise Ship | Saint Nazaire (France)

Project Summary

Costruzione: U32 Msc Divina
Aree: Venetian Piazzetta, Sporting Club, Jazz Club, Wine Bar, Art Gallery, Atrio, Observation Lounge, Panoramic Restaurant, Main Theatre, Secondary Lounge
Cantiere: STX SA
Località: Saint Nazaire - France
Armatore: MSC
Progettista: Arch. Marco de Jorio (Studio de Jorio)
Anno: 2011

Timeless elegance in modern comfort

"Inspired by the divine award-winning actress Sophia Loren, MSC Divina brings you all the elegance and glamour of the golden age. Spacious and elegant; every element of the ship is designed with you in mind and with the utmost attention to detail."
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From MSC Divina’s real stone piazza to the opulent Casino Veneziano and the Broadway-size Pantheon Theatre, the onboard experience is incredible. Feel like a star on our Swarovski crystal staircases or find inner calm in the gorgeous Infinity Pool, which extends seamlessly out to sea and the horizon beyond."
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