Anti-slip laser treatment

The innovative anti-slip laser treatment creates 2 to 5 million microholes on the surfaces to be treated, distributed regularly per square meter, enabling the flooring to become truly “non-slip”.
anti-slip treatment
anti-slip laser treatment
Anti-slip treated floors can reach the following categories:

(DIN 51130:2004 B.G.R. 181 for Germany, D.M. 236/89 Ref. B.C.R. for Italy and ASTM C 1028 for the USA). R10 is generally used in service areas (toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, canteens etc.) or where there is a small presence of moisture or water, and R9 is used for all other cases.

CLASS A, B, C (DIN 51097:1992 for Germany) used in areas adjacent to swimming pools, saunas and areas which can be walked on in bare feet.

All this is created producing hardly any loss of shine on clear materials and slightly lightening dark materials. These microholes are virtually invisible to the human eye and therefore ensure that the aesthetic value of the materials remains intact.
The MAIN ADVANTAGES of the non-slip laser treatment over other types of processing (with acid) are: 
  • Provision of material that is already non-slip directly from the manufacturer without any further stages.
  • High quality and durable.
  • Achievement of non-slip levels R9-R10 B.G.R. 181, B.G.R. and ASTM C 1028 even on shiny surfaces, without significant loss of shine.
  • Particularly effective on wet surfaces.
  • No risk of chemical corrosion.
  • Applicable in combination with the impregnation process.
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