Weave. Intimate essence of marble

A black marble crisscrossed at times by blades of light. Golden yellow, ocher, orange. They look like lightning, but their trend is linear, almost belonging to a geometric, rigorous order.

This marble is the Weave, one of the most beautiful in the world. Its name recalls the tesserae of a mosaic, but also the trend of a plot: material for yarns and inlays, mysterious for the most exotic of stories…

For Marmi Vrech, only luxury marble

The splendid effect of the monolithic slab of Weave placed in one of the central corridors of the new Marmi Vrech headquarters.
The new offices of Marmi Vrech are a feast of the most beautiful existing natural stones: white marble Statuarietto for floors, walls, reception. Precious inlays in polychrome marble to give the offices beauty and personality. Important and difficult to realize works such as open stain or mosaic painting for the pleasure of immersion in exclusive and beautiful artifacts every day.

But the most sought after element of the project is the monolithic slab of Weave marble that covers the entire length of one of the central corridors: it was not necessary to do anything, if not make the niche in the wall to welcome it and add points retractable light. The result has materialized by itself and the wall has become a painting of contemporary art, as if by magic.

Precious, exclusive, very elegant. Its contrast with the white Carrara of the floor has become absolute and its golden veins, shining on the deep black of the stone, have immediately ignited vital and energetic sensations, able to play with the almost geometrical rigor of the thin white veins. A unique, rare piece that nature has already created perfect. Impossible to imitate.


The luxurious Weave

Weave marble is the result of a metamorphic process that began more than 500 million years ago, it comes from the marble quarries of Tunisia.

Always considered a luxury and extremely elegant marble, it is used in many variations ranging from design elements and furnishing accessories to coverings and countertops. Having a very particular graphic – since the veins tend to have a parallel pattern and to form between them almost regular parallelepipeds – Weave marble is preferred above all for modern and design solutions, or in environments where the chosen style is that of a discrete but absolutely defined luxury.

Prestigious design and important collaborations in Weave

Weave luxury marble is perfect for both design furnitures, floors and walls.

Professor Plum
A splendid example of how this marble can be expressive when worked following the hand of a true designer, are the geometric elements of the Professor Plum collection, conceived by Cristiano Gatto for Paolo Castelli and proposed in three different materials (marble, wood or metal) and heights. The Marble model is entirely made of Weave marble carved from solid.

Myfair, London by Cristiano Gatto Design Team
It is incredible how these monoliths adapt to any type of furniture, from tables to simple furnishing, and are always able to obtain an elegant and extremely original effect.

After all, these are the peculiar characteristics of this marble and that we also find in the beautiful coverings made by Marmi Vrech for a residence in the heart of London, in Mayfair. Here marble is present in the luxurious guests’ bathrooms, where it furnishes entire walls or is distinguished in particular work carried out in strategic areas such as the front of the vanity top or the shower border.

As for the headquarters of Marmi Vrech, often the Weave is placed in contrast with white marble to create interesting volume games.


Weave black marble: no compromise is possible

Weave is an exclusive marble, top of the range. Its beauty is breathtaking and for this reason some companies have reproduced its texture using porcelain stoneware or marble effect resins. The results, if we consider the type of product, are a good reproduction.

However, a marble like Weave is something unique and irreproducible. How irrepressible is its ability to communicate elegance, luxury, exclusivity and a unique way of living the environment.

Knowing that the stone that surrounds us has more than 500 thousand years and was created only for us by nature, is undoubtedly a motive of irresistible charm. If we want to talk about the durability of the materials and the preservation of their beauty over time, we have to put marble as eternal, surely porcelain tiles are still perishable, and even more so the resins tend to lose elasticity and inevitably become opaque.

Myfair London by Cristiano Gatto Design Team. The superb book-matching processing offers two perfectly symmetrical geometries of the veins.


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