Our location

All stone is exclusively processed in our facility in Italy where our headquarters are also based. We have Sales Offices in a number of select locations around the globe. We can create and install exquisite stone interiors wherever our clients desire.


Cervignano, Italy | via degli Onez | tel. +39 0431 32885

Sales Offices

UK | uk@marmivrech.it
Poland | poland@marmivrech.it
USA | usa@marmivrech.com
Australia | australia@marmivrech.com


Finland | Pernontie 23, 21260 Raisio

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We never turn down a project. When architects or designers bring us their ideas, we always do our best to bring their designs to life in stone.
With our technology, craftsmanship and experience we are able to take on even the most ambitious projects as well as creating pieces for mass production.

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