Set up a super yacht with natural stone

Performing a natural stone product for a super yacht requires very special skills ranging from  the design, construction and installation of  elements capable of remaining perfect over time despite the inevitable structural movements of the boat, to the development of maximum aesthetic performance  Because the exclusivity of a super yacht is represented above all by the art,  the preciousness and the beauty of the workmanship.

Collaboration: the secret of perfect design

Precisely realizing the idea and taste of the client or the architect/designer involved in the preparation of a super yacht has always been one of Marmi Vrech's absolute priorities.

For this reason, from the first drawings, the company supports the creative team of the client to analyze every single solution and look for the most suitable materials and the most effective finishes to best interpret every desire. In addition, the company can also carry out the design on the basis of drawings provided or on-board surveys, giving life to all its experience and professionalism. Remarkable, in this phase, is the possibility of also offering high-performance technical solutions, advising the use of special elements such as honeycomb panels in steel or aluminum covered with flat woven mats in fiberglass impregnated with structural resins that, in addition to high mechanical resistance, can considerably lighten the natural stone coating.

Obviously, for each project, Marmi Vrech creates a dedicated project team, able to plan all the activities in detail and to draw up and follow the schedule with absolute rigor. The team also supports the customer in the delicate phase of sampling and the choice of materials that takes place directly from the suppliers, dedicating itself to the proposal of the most suitable natural stones. The search for perfection in this phase is total, because only from a painstaking and passionate work can sublime realizations be born.

Drawing and rendering elements

Once the design is completed, and after choosing the individual natural stones to be used, the Marmi Vrech team creates all the operational and design material necessary for the installation. In addition, in order to give the client the idea as close as possible to the reality of what has been drawn, the team produces renderings and 3D images that, artfully executed, offer material with almost photographic realism. Modifications, moves, new ideas are often born in this phase which is essential to achieve the full satisfaction of the customer.

Craftsmanship for an exclusive super yacht

Mega yachts are the icon of exclusivity and luxury. For this reason, every element and every detail must be taken care of in detail. For Marmi Vrech, the work begins with the choice of the natural stone slab that must be the perfect one for the processing for which it is intended.

The material, the colors, the granulometry, the veins: nothing is left to chance and so it is also for the cutting of the slab which, especially for exclusive realizations such as the open stain that plays precisely on the specularity of the veins, must be performed with the utmost skill.

This is followed by several finishes to  which Marmi Vrech pays particular attention in order to increase the prestige and preciousness of the whole boat. These finishes, moreover, always to meet the luxurious style of the mega yacht, can be very sought after: an example can be found in  the leather finish, performed first with a mechanical roughing and then with a manual processing with special brushes, which gives the natural stone a reflective surface to the eye and soft to the touch, giving the same feeling that you feel when touching a soft leather object. In addition, the perception of cold given by natural stone almost disappears.

Alongside the purely aesthetic finishes there are also surface processes with certain purposes such as, for example, the anti-slip treatments with milling carvings, lasers or sandblasting that, performed in a workmanlike manner, combine functionality with an absolutely impeccable aesthetic result.

The shipment of artifacts: a very delicate moment

When the part of the processing in place of all the material is finished, one of the most delicate phases arrives: that of packaging and shipping the artifacts. Faithful  to its maximum transparency in relations with its customers, before shipment the customer is invited to the headquarters so as to view every element prepared. The visit is personally guided by the production engineer and no element is overlooked.

Once the approval has been received, Marmi Vrech still performs a pre-installation before shipment, so as to minimize the unexpected once the material is already on the super yacht (where, to all intents and purposes, it becomes more laborious to make changes or modifications). After passing this test, the material is packed with dedicated packaging and perfected over time: special crates, polyethylene profiles... Everything is prepared with the utmost care and  transported using dedicated vehicles and personnel.

High specialty workmanship inside the super yacht

For installation, Marmi Vrech uses only personnel selected on the basis of experience and high specialization. The whole process  is supervised by a manager and is carried out in a workmanlike manner. Any special finishes, such as polishing, can be made during installation.

The solutions offered by Marmi Vrech for mega yachts are numerous and all  of the highest excellence because the company has always set itself the goal of fully realizing the desires, and possibly even the dreams, of its customers